KKV technológia fejlesztése - GOP - 2011-2.1.1/A, KMOP -2011-1.2.1/A
Tisztelt Partnerünk!Magyarországon évről évre több céget alapítanak: 2009-ben 145 688 vállalkozás indult, míg 2010-ben ez a szám már elérte a 167 486-ot. 2011 első két negyedévében már 54 705 új vállalkozás lépett a piacra. Ahhoz, hogy a régebb óta működő vállalkozások megőrizhessék versenyképességüket, valamint hogy az új „belépők” ringbe szállhassanak, elengedhetetlen a folyamatos...
2011 May 3, Tuesday - 16:11
New DSR website
The brand new website of DSR Group is more informative, easier-to-use and interactive GUI, through which all our activities, novelties and presently offered voice- and data recording; voice- and data processing solutions can be seen and examined.We also help you decide with device configurator, case studies, system schemes and FAQ.We kindly ask and encourage you to appeal DSR...
2010 June 30, Wednesday - 15:02
ART Telefon proficiency day in the city of Kecskemét
DSR gave a successful presentation about voice documentation, its account and futura within the frame of a proficiency day named 'Compass to the future' and organized by ART Telefon Lp.On this course of presentations all invited and interested guests could see and listen to several presentations about call centers, voice recording, VoIP technology and Triple play. In the break...
2010 May 5, Wednesday - 10:17
Widening co-operations
To supply the widening demands of customers, DSR extends the range of devices used for digital voice recording and archiving. To store archived records and to handle more archives in one centralized storage DSR has launched Network Area Storage solutions produced by QNAP Systems Inc. Besides distributing individual NAS devices, DSR has developed a software interface so that QNAP...
2010 May 5, Wednesday - 10:09
AVAYA Compliance Tested
DSR is glad to introduce the result of its newest development, the fruit of a work that spans over continents and countries: the AVAYA Compliance Tested Award which certifies that DSR SolidBank® 601 VoIP digital voice recorders are fully compatible and with AVAYA DMCC API interface.
2010 May 5, Wednesday - 09:50
Extending export activity
DSR strenghtens its market positions abroad.By enhancing our export activity we managed to involve new partners and companies to market, distribute and sell our voice recording solutions. A good example of this activity is the DSR marketing presentation and technical training in Bratislava, during which several colleagues and professionals of Slovak and Czech companies could gain...
2010 May 5, Wednesday - 09:43
MAVÍZ conference
DSR Ltd. presented its digital voice recording solutions at the MAVÍZ (Hungarian Water Utility Association) conference in Sümeg. Since new regulations and laws has been implemented, all public services are to record their customer service voice communication and store them for five years. DSR Ltd. can offer flexible and economical solutions for these services.
2010 April 23, Friday - 14:08
FTP archiving
A new, economical archiving solution from DSR has been created. We recommend it to our clients who needs archiving but the communication load on their telephone network is low. It is unnecessary to buy expensive archiving device and software: our FTP solution requires only an FTP connection, as all of our recorders are FTP capable. On favourable terms DSR also provides a large...
2010 March 8, Monday - 14:58
New functions - SNMP
DSR Ltd. has always been taking care of the ease of operation of their devices and products.In favour of it now DSR offers advanced administering possibilities in all SoliDBank® 601 devices. SNMP is a network based management protocol that is used to manage all devices (printer, fax, etc.) connected to the same network within a certain area. From now on SoliDBank® 601 recorders...
2010 March 8, Monday - 12:06
Voice Miner
PRESS RELEASE16 February, 2009 – Nextent Informatika Zrt. and DSR Information Technologies Ltd. has concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. Developed to increase the efficiency of CRM systems the integration of Voice Miner emotion and speech recognizing technology and the SoliDLog® digital voice recording system aims to provide the highest quality and proper format source...
2009 February 5, Thursday - 09:58
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