We wish You Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year!
We wish our Partners Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year!
2015 December 18, Friday - 10:24
Mikro-, kis- és középvállalkozások piaci megjelenésének támogatása pályázat
   NémetországI IT szakkiállításon új fejlesztésű android alapú MobilVoice és digital signage megoldással veszünk részt.Jelen projektünk célja, cégünk üzleti és működési környezetének fejlesztése, valamint piaci megjelenés Németországban. A német piac meghódításának középpontjában a DSR MobilVoice® és a DSR OISISS digital signage megoldás áll. A DSR MobilVoice® Android...
2015 December 16, Wednesday - 12:10
Donation to the Somogyvár Orphanage
It is a multi-annual tradition at the DSR Partner Ltd. to collect and deliver toys, clothes, books, writing materials (colored pencils, crayons, etc), computer related equipment (eg. used computers, parts), plants, packaged food to the Somogyvár Orphanage, where  disabled children study and live.This year we organize fundraising until 22 July, so if you have any surplus but -...
2015 June 29, Monday - 14:49
MobilVoice success at InnoMax
Our company won the third prize with the project idea of "DSR MobilVoice cloud" in the midsize company category. (20-69 employees)Cloud-based technologies and integrated solutions were in the focus of the innovation tender initiated by Invitel for the sixth time. The biggest novelty of this year was that not only Invitel’s customers, but also any other Hungarian company could...
2015 June 15, Monday - 11:41
Our new mobile phone voice recording product video
Our latest MobilVoice® technology product video is ready and you may watch it if you click on the following link: Complete Enterprise Solution’s features: records and stores calls and short text messagesencrypted storage until uploaddeleted records from the device after uploadrecords can not be replayed by the client appprovides local...
2015 March 31, Tuesday - 10:51
Participate in our new mobile phone voice recording test
Our latest mobile communication recording technology, MobilVoice® is ready to roll out and we are looking for testing partners.Our Complete Enterprise Solution’s features:records and stores calls and short text messagesencrypted storage until uploaddeleted records from the device after uploadrecords can not be replayed by the client appprovides local and central app...
2015 February 5, Thursday - 10:36
We delivered the collected donations to the Somogyvár Orphanage
As part of our charity work, we collected and donated several clothes, toys, stationery for children and youngsters, computer monitors and in addition 9 PCs by favour of Erste Befektetési Zrt. to the Somogyvár Orphanage shortly before Christmas 2014.This year we are planning to stay engaged in similar charitable and social activities. You will receive notifications of these events...
2015 February 4, Wednesday - 13:25
We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2014 December 19, Friday - 14:50
Vállalatirányítási rendszer bevezetése a DSR Partner Kft-nél
   Társaságunk sikeresen vezetett be új ERP rendszert. Az Openbravo egy Web alapú, kibővített szolgáltatásokat nyújtó integrált vállalatirányítási szoftver kis- és középvállalkozások számára. Ez a Web alapú alkalmazás hatékony módszereket nyújt a beszerzés, raktárkészlet kezelés, a projektek, a gyártás és a pénzügyek tervezésére, irányítására és ellenőrzésére. Az alap CRM...
2014 March 19, Wednesday - 12:58
Targeting the U.S. Market
One of the main objectives of our business policy is conducting market research, enhancing international competitiveness, and entering into new markets. In 2014, we are targeting the United States market. As the first strategic step, DSR participated in the ’Future Call Center Summit’ in Orlando, Florida, in January. The conference including workshops and exhibitions was organized...
2014 March 19, Wednesday - 12:33
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