DSR Expansion to the Gulf Region and East-Africa

2013 June 12, Wednesday - 15:43

DSR Expansion to the Gulf Region and East-Africa

 DSR Partner Kft. has been invited to Doha and Abu Dhabi by its recent business relationships in order to present the company and establish a collaboration agreement.

István Bata CEO and Péter Galler project manager travelled to Qatar (Doha) and to the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) in order to present DSR, carry out business development related negotiations and sign an agreement.

After the professional presentation a collaboration agreement was signed with Jassim Bin Ali Al Thani Corporation. Based on this contract Al Thani Corporation will be DSR’s regional distributor partner and will sell DSR solutions in the Gulf Region and in East Africa with special attention to one of the key selling product, the WIOVoice customer care office voice recording system and to other integrated telecommunication systems, which involve voice recording in contact centers and private branch exchange related solutions as well.