DSR Group at the Partnering Central Europe Conference

2013 June 4, Tuesday - 15:34

DSR Partner at the Partnering Central Europe Conference

„Customer Experience in Focus”

Kecskemét, Hotel Granada, 30-31 May 2013

Key people involved in customer care, decision makers from public utilities and business sectors, professional executives and other representatives gathered together at the 10th Partnering Conference on 30-31 May in Kecskemét. Customer experience was the focus of this year’s conference, more than 30 speakers presented their companies’ best practices, their latest technologies and those effects on customer experience.

DSR Group also participated in the customer care conference, where Péter Galler project manager presented the WIOVoice system developed by DSR Partner Kft., which is a special customer care office voice recording solution. Péter introduced the voice recording system emphasizing its advantages and cost saving effects, in addition he provided useful information about the currently available operational experiences.

’The importance of offices providing personal customer service is increasing since the daily work and affairs in the customer service points have a crucial influence on the customers regarding the service provider. With the help of the centralized voice recording and archiving system the personal and Call/Contact center systems become equally and identically manageable. The WIOVoice system saves operational expenses and increases effectiveness by simplifying quality control processes, reducing complaints emerge from misunderstandings, keeping all important information during personal transactions, recording documentary records in as legal evidence, it has an integration possibility to an existing CRM solution and existing queue management systems and enhances customer satisfaction.’