FTP archiving

2010 March 8, Monday - 14:58

A new, economical archiving solution from DSR has been created. We recommend it to our clients who needs archiving but the communication load on their telephone network is low.

It is unnecessary to buy expensive archiving device and software: our FTP solution requires only an FTP connection, as all of our recorders are FTP capable. On favourable terms DSR also provides a large capacity storage device for archiving, so it is alsso unnecessary to buy another expensive device - a backup storage.

FTP archiving can be timed so it does not make a burden on the network and capable of utilizing the lower loading periods (e.g. night-time).
At the same time there is no restrictions in placing the device (it can be anywhere in the world, even more devices connected to each other) so the precious data is in maximum safety even if the central recording device perishes (e.g. fire, etc.).

If you also require a reliable and up-to-date archiving solution on a favourable price, choose DSR FTP archiving systems!