MobilVoice success at InnoMax

2015 June 15, Monday - 11:41

Our company won the third prize with the project idea of "DSR MobilVoice cloud" in the midsize company category. (20-69 employees)

Cloud-based technologies and integrated solutions were in the focus of the innovation tender initiated by Invitel for the sixth time. The biggest novelty of this year was that not only Invitel’s customers, but also any other Hungarian company could participate in the competition and unlike previous years, instead of realized projects, project ideas could be submitted to the InnoMax Business Award.

In the InnoMax business categories the project ideas of companies size 5-19 employees, 20-69 employees and over 70 employees were rewarded: the winners, depending on their size were rewarded by Inviter services worth 500 thousand, 1 million, or 2 million forints and valuable media appearances.

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