Voice Miner

2009 February 5, Thursday - 09:58


16 February, 2009 – Nextent Informatika Zrt. and DSR Information Technologies Ltd. has concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. Developed to increase the efficiency of CRM systems the integration of Voice Miner emotion and speech recognizing technology and the SoliDLog® digital voice recording system aims to provide the highest quality and proper format source of records to the voice mining software. This solution provides the maximum efficiency for the processing of valuable business information. Nextent Informatika Zrt.'s keyword and emotion detecting voice mining solution named Voice Miner has reached to a significant milestone: Nextent Zrt. concluded a partnership with DSR Information Technologies Ltd., the market leader provider of digital voice recording solutions. The core of the integration is that the voice records necessary for the Voice Miner software can be provided from a source that is 100% appropriate for the processing algorithm. In the integrated solution developed within the frame of the cooperation the voice records recorded by DSR SoliDBank® digital voice recorders or the SoliDLog® voice recording system are channeled directly to the data processing module of Voice Miner and there they are instantly processed. While Voice Miner processes the calls according to the pre-set parameters, the original records remain available in the DSR voice recording system, where their integrity is guaranteed by the individual storage format. Another benefit of the integration is that clients that already have a DSR voice recording device or system do not need to establish and operate a Voice Miner interface. The DSR voice recording system guarantees the proper quality required by the voice mining software and thus provides maximum potential to extract valuable business data to the client. The Voice Miner software was developed and marketed last September. This matchless Hungarian product is based on worldwide innovative technologies. Its special feature is to analyze the interaction between client and agent from emotional and protocol sides, dissimilar to existing systems. With the help of the software not only dissatisfied clients can be filtered but the style and mood of the communication can also be followed. Customer service conversations can automatically be marked and categorized with the help of the keyword-recognition and content-filter technologies to help the company in monitoring client-satisfaction and handling complaints. The integration amalgamates two high-tech solutions and offers the highest technology to record and mine voice data. Presently this solution is simply the best on the market.

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