Integrated solutions

MobilVoice® - Mobile phone recording

Mobile phone communication plays increasingly important and prominent role in both business and private life.

 DSR’s new mobile communication recording technology - DSR MobilVoice® - provides a full-scale solution for higher level customer service and complaints settling, more efficient quality assurance, internal control and business processes on the traditionally high reliability and ease of use.

 Complete Enterprise Solution:

  •  records and stores calls and short text messages
  • encrypted storage until upload
  • deleted records from the device after upload
  • records can not be replayed by the client app
  • provides local and central app management
  • provides central archiving and replaying
  • contacts can be sorted out on recording demand (B/W list)
    • Black list: never record
    • White list: always record
  • upload options: mobile net, Wi-Fi
  • roaming control: upload on demand
  • recording intervals
  • recording quality
  • records meetings (dictaphone)
  • localizes the device when a call or a text message is recorded
  • from Android 4.0