Integrated solutions

MOTOROLA radio recording

DSR Group solutions are apt for recording not only traditional signal sources (land lines, mobile phones) but radio communication as well. The newest member of is the recording of the world-wide spread MOTOROLA radio communication (even the digitally coded forms).

Records may be copied into a central database together with all other recorded communication of the company (land line, mobile), so replaying, filtering, listing, archiving and storing is performed on a centralized server. This solution eliminates the need of buying and running two or more concurrent systems in one time.


Solution features:

  • recording and storing radio traffic using a DSR SoliDBank 601 VoIP digital voice recorder
  • connection to a Motorola transmitter using TCP/IP
  • automatic access to all transmitters using a transmitter set as server in case of more transmitters
  • recording all traffic of radio handsets broadcast via the transmitters (individual or group calls also)
  • storing supplementary information beside the calls (e.g. time, radio identifier, etc.)
  • encrypted calls are stored in the same encrypted form
  • retrieving the records via the WEB interface of the recorder
  • the recorder sends the required record back to a pre set handset on which the record can be listened
  • replaying encrypted records (if the original encrypting key is set in the handset to prevent from unauthorized access to the records)