Integrated solutions

WIO Voice® - Voice recording at the reception desk

In the world of wired and mobile phone communication, person-to-person interaction is still strongly present in businesses providing customer service and client support. WIOVoice® offers precise and authentic recording of live client-agent conversations allowing a detailed history of every single customer service case and easily searchable archive of recorded data for future analytical purposes.


  • more efficient case management
  • declined number of misunderstandings
  • more efficient complaint handling
  • reduced legal costs 
  • enhanced client behavior analysis
  • enhanced agent evaluation
  • cross marketing opportunities
  • reduced market research costs
  • higher level of client-agent cooperation
  • customized and reduced training programs


  • authentic database
  • secure and centralized archiving
  • supported quality control processes
  • scalable system services
  • transferable records to voice processing applications
  • software triggered recording
  • expandable system
  • maintenance free with all around support
  • flexible integration to other solutions
  • compatible with every DSR recording technology