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Dallmeier electronic


We sell Dallmeier electronic video-technical products in Hungary for more then 12 years.

The Dallmeier company have more than 25 years experience on the field of the development and production of video-technical products (like camera and picture recording, or transmission technique).

The developped and producted devices made by Dallmeier have a high quality and trustiness due to developping and producting all single items for its devices in Germany, from the cameras throuhg the transmission technologycal instruments until the complex video centers. If the quailty and trustiness is
important, Dallemier is the solution.


  • Cam_inPIX®  camera-family
  • VideoIP transmission devices
  • HD cameras and picture recorders
  • Digital picture recorders (DVR, NVR)
  • Intelligent video analysis  
  • Background database systems
  • Evaluative, visual and remote supported softwares
  • Special video-technical solutions (Panomera, Dallmeier IR camera-family)

Dallmeier samples